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Dear Customer

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Thank you for choosing our cross-border e-commerce service. In order to keep you informed of the logistics progress of your order, we provide the following logistics tracking instructions:

Order Confirmation: After you place an order, we will confirm your order and provide a unique order number. You can use this number to track your order.

Preparation for shipment: Once we receive your order, we will prepare the items and arrange for shipment. This process may take some time, depending on the inventory and preparation of the items.

Logistics Carrier: We will select a reliable logistics carrier (yunexpress) to ship your merchandise. Once the item is ready for shipment, we will deliver the order to the logistics carrier and provide the corresponding tracking number.

Logistics Tracking: You can use the tracking number provided to track your order on the official website of the logistics carrier or on the tracking platform it provides. By entering the tracking number, you will be able to view the current location and status of your order.

Shipping Process: Orders may pass through multiple transit points and customs checkpoints during international shipping. During this process, the tracking information for your order may be delayed or updated. Please be patient and check the tracking information regularly for the latest logistics status.

Arrival in the destination country: Once your order arrives in the destination country, it will be delivered via a domestic logistics carrier. You can use the same tracking number to track the domestic delivery process of your order.

Confirmation of receipt: When your order arrives at your designated delivery address, please make sure someone is available to sign for it. Usually, you or your authorized person will need to provide a signature to confirm receipt.

Please note that logistics tracking information may take some time to update, especially during international shipments. If you are unable to obtain updated tracking information after a certain period of time or have any questions about your order, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We will do our best to assist you with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your trust and patience. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Happy shopping!